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Feb 14, 2000

Interstitial Ads Fight For Attention

Smart Computing Article - Interstitial Ads Fight For Attention

Interstitial roadblocks. Despite all the bells and whistles that rich media allows for interstitial advertising, some doubt the ads will ever catch on among ...

Studies point to growing market for Net advertising August 08, 2000

The most common type of Net advertising continues to be banner ads, which accounted for 52 percent of all online ads. Following banners were sponsorships at 27 percent; "interstitials," or pop-up ads, at 3 percent; and email at 3 percent, according to the report.

Separately, a study conducted by investment banking firm Veronis Suhler showed that overall advertising growth has been fueled by the Internet. The report found that online advertising surged 140 percent from 1998 figures to hit $4.6 billion in 1999. Adding more confidence to the sector, the study concluded that online advertising will reach $24.4 billion by 2004, accounting for roughly 10 percent of all ad spending.

Ads 2.0: Beyond the repurposed TV spot

Published: November 22, 2006...

What's the market potential for online video ads? While video ad spending is predicted to reach $775 million next year, from $410 million this year, it still only represents 4.2 percent of all online ad sales in the U.S., according to eMarketer.
Research and Markets Adds Report - Streaming Media Advertising ...

Pre roll is forecast to make up 26.7 percent of gross video ad spend in 2007 (not including pre roll or interstitial units sold against long form content), ...

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