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Mar 7, 2007

List of Writers who Blog

Blogs have taken off with a vengeance.  What a perfect place to tell the world our inner feelings about our writing lives--whether it's to tell of our accomplishments or just a place to vent about publishers, agents and the whole shebang. 

All My Little Words...C.K. Blogs
Young adult writer blogs about books, movies and daily events. 

The blog is about our organization, Authors For Charity and will contain 
information about us, including book signings and events planned.

A freelance nonfiction writer takes the leap to becoming a novelist. Daily posts chronicle the process from the very beginning, from early ideas through the "Dear God, what have I done?" stage, culminating in publication or institutionalization. (I suppose they're not mutually exclusive.) Also includes musings on the freelancer life.

Life as a freelance writer, writing advice, information about electronic and small press publishing, interesting things, and random musings of writer and editor Lillie Ammann.

Just an ordinary day in the life of an over the hill boomer chick.

Chicklit author Beth Pattillo's blog done from the POV of the main character of her inspirational chicklit coming out summer of '05.

Brenda Bradshaw's "The Life & Times of the Unpubbed."

Almost daily journal of life and writing.  I list the works I am currently 
working on, sending out queries/synopsis, and general writing issues.

The place where erotic/romance author Vivi Anna lets it all out. 
Rants, raves, and everything in between.  Use extreme caution when 
entering her realm...you never know what's going to come out of her mouth.

Rambling thoughts and other fun stuff from chick lit author Marianne Mancusi - www.mariannemancusi.com

Crystal loves the beauty of English language. She is captivated by words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters, and reads and writes incessantly. You found Crystal! Now read her blog.

Just a compilation of thoughts about myself, family, friends and various 
interests from writing to health problems, hobbies, politics - you name it! 
Might not be there right now but something may be there in the future on 
virtually any topic.

Promotional tactics for the self-publishing author.

Writing from the borders of consciousness, Erin Yes explores the 
transcendental and the "terror of reality."

Cindy Appel's, A look at our world through a blonde mom's eyes.

Personal website of writer Chris F. Holm.

This site is for all who want to post information about the latest news in the horror/mystery writing field. Or if you just want to chat about you're latest writing attempt. Authors can post their stories for others to read and respond to if they wish. The site is a communication device for authors to promote their projects and to get feedback from their peers.

Promotional tips from marketing guru Dorothy Thompson.

A freshly started blog, to aid me in  writing regularity, in other words if I 
feel there are people out there paying attention to me, that will spur 
me on to continue writing.  That is not to say that this is a purely 
narcissistic endeavour (well all writers do want to be read) more it is 
to ensure that I no longer procrastinate in pursuit of my dream to be a 
published writer. 

A witty and candid look at the ups and downs of a freelance writer's life.

Ashley Shaffier's blog about breaking into comic book writing, finishing a  novel and trying to get published. 

Natalie R. Collins look on the writing industry at Readers Room 

Poet Sam Wright's blog.

Jason Rodriguez, aspiring comic writer and current editor of Western Tales of Terror and Elk’s Run, both offered through Hoarse & Buggy. 

Kathy Holmes' Fiction for Real Women

Paranormal romance adventure writer Karen Magill expresses her opinions on life and the writing world in this unique blog. 

K.C.'s Write For You is a blog about the freelance writing life, from the 
perspective of a stay at home freelance writer and mom of 3 dogs and 2 

Weblog of Kyra Davis, author of Sex, Murder And A Double Latte. 

A site for those who like to write to come together to write a story.

Journal entries, daily muse, poetry, original paintings in progress, links to writing and art sites.

Collective weblog of chick lit authors Michelle Cunnah, Alesia Holliday, and Lani Diane Rich.

Stop by and have a laugh from Stephanie Elliot's Manic Mom's Mental Myriads on Motherhood, and some other stuff too, but mostly motherhood, wifehood, thoughts on writing, etc. No politics will be discussed here or geography, and I will not be solving any mathematical equations. Just some BS on whatever I feel like blogging on...

Stacey Klemstein's Rantings and ravings of a typical author.

Short stories and informative links to writing sites.

Writer of psychological horror, chick-lit and Erotica. Editor at Wild Child Publishing and Dred Tales ezine. Proofreader and book reviewer. Daily musings of a crazy writer.

Humorous, wacky, slightly out-of-focus essays by humorous, wacky, slightly out-of-focus writer.

One Kentucky writer's life

Ray Van Horn's Anecdotes about music, my interaction with musicians in the business, poetry, essays and random crap...

Promoting Tips to pump up your own online book promotion!

Ups and downs of an unpublished writer.

Maureen Allen's new blog that features part of the first chapter of her new book, The Witches of Jedburgh, and various rants and observations.

What's hip, what's now, what's tomorrow in the romance world.

Observations, opinions and offerings from Chick Lit/Romance writer, Shannon McKelden.

Writer Douglas Hoffman's blog.

The So 5 Girls dish about writing and life.

Everything you need to learn about soul mates. How to find yours, or if you have that person in your life, where to look, how to recognize them and mistakes not to make in any relationship by Myrna Lou Goldbaum. 

Karin Gillespie's popular writing and promotion blog.

Jennifer Weiner's constantly-updated take on books, baby, and news of the world.

The writing process, reviews from a writer's viewpoint of all forms of story, brief bits of inspiration, and metaphorical reality disguised as much as possible to test skill and hide within the words.

Blog of Steve Thorn, aspiring author, husband and father of five.

A place where I share those aspects of my life related to writing. 

I intend to promote my work(writing) on my blog.  However, I want to entertain the reader and will have funny stories posted. Some about growing up on a Dude/guest ranch, others about life with teenagers, or life in the fast lane while attempting to keep all the balls up in the air at once.

Blogging the creation of my YA novel. 

Mimi Dish's purely subjective venting on a variety of subjects. Beats paying for Xanax.

Chick lit writer Christina Arbini's musings of life in the "single" world.

A blog for those who love discussing books, ideas and writing.

This site is a blog draft representation to my GI-NORMOUS novel, The Starchild.

Dorothy Thompson's blog on writing, author interviews, marketing tips and more.

Tonya Ramago, author of romance and erotica romance novels.

A day in the life of writer Natalie R. Collins, who lives behind the Zion Curtain in Utah.

Thoughts, inspirations, dreams, and spiritual aspirations of women's fiction author, Vicki M. Taylor.

Karyn Lyndon, Chick Lit author

A journey detailing the ups and downs of writing from home with toddlers underfoot.

A struggling freelance writer just trying to make it in OC.

Kelly Curtis writes humorous and inspirational anecdotes on being a parent of empowered youth.

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