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Jan 3, 2008

Glossary for the New Advertising Economics

Categories of New Advertising Companies

  • MarSP - Marcom Service Providers - Class of companies that primarily service marketing communications and advertising agencies. These services include lead generation, rich media, SEO, and unified advertising management SPs. They serve ad buyers.
  • AdNet - Advertising Network - Class that primarily aggregate the ad delivery inventory of many iChannels for sales to marcom, ad agencies, and marcom service companies. This includes Google, Doubleclick, Advertising.com, and BT (behavior tageting) companies. Most have added media servers to expand the product formats deliverable by the network.
  • IChannel - Internet Channels - Class of companies that primarily service Internet users and depend on advertising as their primary source of income. They serve online users.
  • iMedia - Integrated new Media - The trend toward mega media companies such as Google, Times Media, New York Times, and Microsoft that combines MarSP, AdNet, and IChannels under one roof. For innovative entrepreneurs, it's the exit plan.

MarSP Subcategories

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Ad Serving and Metrics
  • Lead Generation
  • Market Survey
  • Rich Media - Creation and delivery of animated or video ads
  • Publisher ad sales
  • SEO - Search engine optimization and unification

AdNet Subcategories

  • CPM - Networks selling display ads for cost per mille
  • CPC - Networks selling based on cost per click.
  • NewMart - Networks with new business models
  • Remnant exchanges

IChannel Subcategories

  • Application - email, document sharing, or other traditional desktop applications shared over the Internet
  • Blog - blogging, wiki, forums, newsgroups, and other personal or shared journalism channels; mostly online only
  • B2B- communities based on businesses selling to businesses
  • Gaming - online games for single or group play
  • ISP - communities controlled by Internet Service Providers
  • Multimedia - sharing of video, photos, and songs
  • News - global, national, local news about events, sports, business, styles, and other issues of community interest - generally supported by traditional media such as legacy magazines, newspapers, or broadcast
  • Review - communities that share local, product, and other reviews
  • Social - networking using expanding circle of friends - often overlaps with blogs
  • Vertical - publications focused on specific subjects or class of communities

Internet Roles

  • Consumer - butterfly interests
  • pHub - personal hub
  • gHub - global hub
  • Creator - writer, publisher, photographer, video-ographer, programmer, developer

RSS Widgets

  • feeds - RSS
  • lifestreams - many digital actions aggregated for one person
  • rivers - many feeds aggregated 
  • river delta, canal - channeling feeds to a social community

Advertising Business Models

  • CTR - Click though rate
  • CPA - Cost per action like costs per registered user or other resulting action
  • CPC - Cost per click like ads at Google Adsense, Microsoft Live, Yahoo Overture
  • CPM - Cost per thousand (i.e. mille) views, subscribers, or other audience metric
  • PPC - Pay per click - charged using CPC rates
  • SEM - Search engine marketing - an updated yellow page model where enhanced listings match keywords, payment using PPC, and purchase via auction.
  • Long tail - redistribution of wealth to the poor
  • Direct visit - either source argument turned off or direct via bookmark, URL, or browser RSS feed
  • Referral visit - via a link from another domain or portal RSS subscription
  • Search visit - via a search engine

White Paper on Online Advertising Networks ... March 14, 2008

DeSilva + Phillips, media investment bankers, announces the release of its new White Paper on online advertising networks. ...

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