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Feb 2, 2008

Buyers of Advertising

SMB Ad Buyers

For small businesses like web operators and retail businesses, the ad buyer is typically the owner. These companies have limited budgets and act in a thrifty manner. They are the primary users of services such as Adsense, Adbrite, and other AdNets.

Prefer coupons and click-throughs for instant gratification.

Enterprise Ad Buyers


For medium and large companies, the marcom (marketing communications) officer has responsibility for selecting ad purchases. These customers are less motivated by short term actions, and generally care about the long term value of a converted customer. Thus, marcom works with:

  • Creative professionals to deliver a positive image,
  • Branded IChannels that re-enforce a positive image,
  • And targeted audiences that match their product or service.

Golf Channel, New York Times, Vogue, and Wall Street Journal are good examples of branded sites with a highly desirable audience demographics.

why new forms of advertising are hard, Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Digital Downloadable Goods...your questions answered

Digital Downloadable Goods...your questions answered

Posted by Laura on March 27, 2008 at 03:47 PM in Trust & Safety Corner | Permalink


Brian Burke, eBay's Director in Trust & Safety who manages the Feedback system, recently announced that Digital Downloadable Goods must be listed using the Classified Ad listing format effective March 31st.  This policy affects items like eBooks, MP3 files, content in PDF format, recipes, etc. -- anything that is "shipped" to a customer via email or download link. These items cannot be listed any longer as auction-style or fixed price listings.

The Classified Ad format is a lead-generation tool which gives sellers an "ad" that shows up in default Search results for 30 days. Currently, the only accepted category is Everything Else > Informational Products. (To learn more, read Help: Advertising with Classified Ads.)

The reason for this change is the concern about Feedback manipulation (or artificially padding a member's feedback score). Since Classified Ad format listings are not transactional, no feedback is exchanged between buyers and sellers and no feedback manipulation can occur.

STATS: Digital Advertising Market and Forecast

Feb 1, 2008

About the Author

I am an economics major from MIT with two of the first macro-economic models for forecasting the national economy. (More about AdEcon)

Innovate at the crossroads
As a technology entrepreneur with an MBA from Stanford, I span:

  • Time sharing on mainframes;

  • The invention of spreadsheets on personal computers;

  • The first GUI for an accounting system and sharing those innovations with Macintosh user groups;

  • First ad-supported B2B supersites on the Internet;

  • Social networking for writers and publishers;

  • Mentor to dozens of China entrepreneurs; and

  • Ad-supported real communities at local hotspots.
Ad supported media and communities - it's the heart of my career.

The New Economics of Advertising

Through these ventures, I have worked with hundreds of magazine, book, and newspaper publishers - as well as software and online publishers.

Advertising is changing rapidly. Those partners are struggling with the increasingly complex technologies that define the advertising economics. Even for experts, keeping up with developments is like the old adage, "Blind men touching an elephant." However, I personally enjoy the challenge to learn.

This forum uses a macro-economic framework for shared reporting on the events and trends impacting new media advertising. This includes reports of traditional media as they extend their reach to incorporate the many new technologies that impact advertising.

As I meet experts, I will be writing about those lessons and asking you to participate online. Together, we shall grok this elephant, the new advertising economics.

- Dash Chang (Add to Friends @ Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Blog Group at Facebook)

NEWS: Mobile Ad Networks

Nokia Launches Premier Mobile Advertising Network TMC Net -

Norwalk,CT,USA11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nokia today announced the launch of the global Nokia Media Network, a premium advertising network including over 70 leading ...
Comverse Launches Mobile Advertising Solution, Opening Lucrative ...WELT ONLINE - Germany...
network-based multimedia enhanced communication and billing services, today announced its newest offering, the Comverse Mobile Advertising Solution. ...
Yahoo Revamps Mobile Offerings with Nod to Ads - Jan 08, 2008
Yahoo outlines mobile plans with revamped OneSearch and Yahoo Go.
Ad-Supported Wi-Fi: Back to Basics - Dec 14, 007
After several large-scale Wi-Fi initiatives flop, smaller ad-supported projects hold some promise.
Google to Sell Web-Page Ads Visible on Mobile Phones
September 18, 2007 - By MIGUEL HELFT (NYT)
...network in which Google would match ads with the content of mobile Web pages, much...sites to create mobile-focused Web sites. Like most other Google advertising systems...on cellphones. Google's further inroads into mobile advertising have...
Yahoo to Offer A Network For Web Ads On Cellphones
March 27, 2007 - By MIGUEL HELFT
...the next Internet battleground...search and advertising on cellphones...advertising network that will...expand the network quickly over...Google in Internet search and...related advertising, has been...service. Advertising on sites...the major Internet firms to...mobile ad network. A few start...
Mobile marketing Reach mobile audiences
Advanced targeting & reporting http://query.nytimes.com/search/query?d=nytdsection%2b&o=e%2b&v=Business%2b&c=a%2b&query=google+mobile&date_select=full#

Jan 31, 2008

FORUM: Tell your experience with iMedia partners

Share your experience with the largest integrated media partners, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN.

FORUM: Tell Your AdNet Success Story

Are you looking to aggregate a network of like-minded iChannels? Share your success story with the community.

FORUM: Tell Your MaSP Success Story

Agencies and MaSPs (Marcom Service Providers) have helped advertisers gain better results. Share your story with the community.

FORUM: Tell Your IChannel Success Story

To promote independent publishing, film production, or other Internet channels - share your success story with the community. What market did you target? How did you grow your audience? What monetary rewards did you earn? How did you win?

ANALYSIS: Supply and Demand of CPC

Opaque advertising economics where vendors provide incomplete pictures of keyword supply and demand.

Demand exceeds Supply

Top CPC categories: .

Average Search CPC Data by Category for December 2007, January 2008 - Feb 12, 2008 Search Tools Cost-per-click data by vertical category in search in the US.

High Demand Keywords

Top Search terms:

Top 10 Search Terms in 10 Categories, January 2008 - Feb 7, 2008 Search Tools The month's top search terms in 10 categories.

High Supply Keywords

What is the supply by keyword or category?


For affiliates or content providers, the untargeted supply results in low prices.

List of Emerging Social Networks

Comparison of social networking software

Review of Review Sites

List of social networking websites

Name Description/Focus Registered users  Registration Alexa
(Apr 08)  
AdvogatoFree and open source software developersOpen
aSmallWorldEuropean jet set and social elite270,000[2]Invite-only
BadooGeneral, Popular in EuropeOpen to people 18 and over106
BahuGeneral, Popular in France, Belgium, Poland and EuropeOpen to people 13 and over
BeboGeneral, Popular in the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and the Pacific IslandsOpen to people 13 and over122
Broadcaster.comVideo sharing and webcam chat322,715[3]Open
BuzznetMusic and pop-cultureOpen
Cake FinancialInvestingOpen
CapazooGeneral (blogs, photos, music, videos)Open
Care2Green living and social activismOpen
Classmates.comSchool, college, work and the militaryOpen1,752
CloobGeneral. Popular in Iran.Open.
CyworldYoung South Koreans2,100,000[4]Open
DandelifeCollective narratives or "shared biographies"Open
DontStayInClubbing (primarily UK)Open
deviantArtOnline artistic communityOpen62
ElfwoodOnline artistic communityOpen
Experience ProjectLife experiencesOpen
FacebookGeneral. Popular Worldwide.Open to people 13 and older.6
FacepartyGeneral. Popular UK.Open to people 16 and older.2,603
FlickrPhoto sharing9,600,000[5]Open (Yahoo! login)39
FotologPhotoblogging. Popular in South America.Open13
Friends ReunitedUK based. School, college, work, sport and streetsOpen10,490
FriendsterGeneral. Popular in Southeast Asia.58,000,000[6]Open to people 16 and older.18
Gaia OnlineAnime and gamesOpen
GatherArticle, picture, and video sharing, as well as group discussionsOpen
Geni.comFamilies, genealogyOpen
Gossipreport.comAnonymous gossipOpen to people 16 and older
GuildCafeOnline gamesOpen
HabboGeneral. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat Room and user profiles.Open to people 13 and older4,281
hi5General. Latin American and Asian teens. Popular in Cyprus and Romania.70,000,000[7]Open to people 13 and older8
Hospitality ClubHospitalityOpen
HyvesMost popular Dutch social network, especially for studentsOpen
iLikeMusic, Video, Photos, BlogsOpen
imeemMusic, Video, Photos, BlogsOpen
IRC-GalleriaFinland475,000[8]Open to Finnish speaking people 12 and older
JaikuGeneral. Owned by Google.Open to people 13 and older
Joga BonitoFootball (soccer). Owned by Google.Open
kaiooGeneral, nonprofitOpen
LibraryThingBook loversOpen to people 13 and older
lifeknotShared interests, hobbiesOpen to people 18 and older.
LiveJournalBloggingOpen (OpenID)69
Meetup.comGeneralOpen to people 18 and older
mobikademobile community, UK onlyOpen to people 18 and older
MocoSpacemobile community, worldwide2,000,000[10]Open to people 14 and older
MOGMusicOpen to people ages 14 and older
Multiply"Real world" relationshipsOpen to people 13 and older
MyChurchChristian ChurchesOpen
MyHeritagefamily-oriented social network serviceOpen
My Opera CommunityGeneral (blogs, photo albums, forums, groups, etc.)Open
MySpaceGeneral. Popular Worldwide.110,000,000[11]Open to people 14 and older.5
myYearbookGeneralOpen to age 13 and up & Grades 9 and up
Nasza-klasa.plSchool, college and friends. Popular in Poland.Open
NabuurOnline VolunteeringOpen
NetlogFormerly known as Facebox.Open
NettbyNorwegian Community.Open
NexopiaCanadaOpen to people 14 and older
Odnoklassniki.ruGeneral. Popular in Russia10,000,000[12]Open40
OkCupidSocial networking and datingOpen to people 18 and older
orkutOwned by Google. Popular in Brazil and India.Open to people 18 and older, (Googlelogin)10
OUTeverywhereGay/LGBTQ CommunityOpen
PhanfareFamily photo and video sharingOpen
PlayaheadSwedish teenagersOpen
PingstaCollaborative platform for the world's Internetwork ExpertsInvite-only, only Internet Experts
PownceWebsites, files, and short updatesOpen
ProfileHeavenBritish teensOpen to people 13 and older
RateItAllGeneral (consumer ratings)Open
RavelryKnitting and crochetInvite-only while in beta
Reunion.comLocating friends and family, keeping in touchOpen
SearchlesSocial search and networkingOpen
SconexAmerican high schoolsOpen
SermoPhysiciansOpen only to D.O.s and M.D.s in US
SportsviteRecreational sportsOpen
StickamLive video streaming and chat.Open
Student.comInternational teens and collegesOpen
StudiVZUniversity students, mostly in the German-speaking countriesOpen
TakingITGlobalSocial actionOpen
TaltopiaOnline artistic communityOpen
Tuenti.comGeneral. Very Popular in SpainInvitation only
TwitterMicro-blogging, RSS, updatesOpen
V KontakteRussian social network.Open
WAYNTravel and lifestyleOpen to people 18 and older828
WebBiographiesGenealogy and biographyOpen
Windows Live SpacesBlogging (formerly MSN Spaces)Open3
Wis.dmQuestions and answers about anything and everythingOpen
Woophytravel & photography, photo sharing websiteOpen
XangaBlogs and "metro" areasOpen
Yahoo! 360°Linked to Yahoo! IDsOpen to people 18 and older, (Yahoo!login)
Yahoo! MashYahoo's new SNS - Still in betaInvite-only while in beta
Yelp, Inc.Local Business Review and TalkOpen
ZooomrUniversal photo sharingOpen (OpenID)

FriendFeed Raises $5 Million, Now Open to Everyone TechCrunch

FriendFeed is a way to become aware of what people you know or respect are doing across dozens of different Websites. That super-aggregation of feeds from popular social sites, however, is quickly being copied (see Spokeo, Iminta, Plaxo Pulse, and—one that just launched today—Second Brain). Even Facebook wants to get in on the action by allowing feeds from other services to show up on the News feed of its members.

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