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Feb 1, 2008

About the Author

I am an economics major from MIT with two of the first macro-economic models for forecasting the national economy. (More about AdEcon)

Innovate at the crossroads
As a technology entrepreneur with an MBA from Stanford, I span:

  • Time sharing on mainframes;

  • The invention of spreadsheets on personal computers;

  • The first GUI for an accounting system and sharing those innovations with Macintosh user groups;

  • First ad-supported B2B supersites on the Internet;

  • Social networking for writers and publishers;

  • Mentor to dozens of China entrepreneurs; and

  • Ad-supported real communities at local hotspots.
Ad supported media and communities - it's the heart of my career.

The New Economics of Advertising

Through these ventures, I have worked with hundreds of magazine, book, and newspaper publishers - as well as software and online publishers.

Advertising is changing rapidly. Those partners are struggling with the increasingly complex technologies that define the advertising economics. Even for experts, keeping up with developments is like the old adage, "Blind men touching an elephant." However, I personally enjoy the challenge to learn.

This forum uses a macro-economic framework for shared reporting on the events and trends impacting new media advertising. This includes reports of traditional media as they extend their reach to incorporate the many new technologies that impact advertising.

As I meet experts, I will be writing about those lessons and asking you to participate online. Together, we shall grok this elephant, the new advertising economics.

- Dash Chang (Add to Friends @ Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Blog Group at Facebook)

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