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May 22, 2010

It's Simple - iPhone Rules

Whether an Apple fan or doubter, ask this question:
Is Apple still a niche community?
  • 70% of MP3 players, globally - dominating digital distributor of music and saving the industry from piracy-death.
  • Ignore Admob data that understates, because the plurality of apps serve no ads.
  • Adding iTunes as a browser, Safari on iPhone to the Safari browser share - has Safari already become the leading browser over Explorer? My analysis suggests yes.
  • iPhone dominates mobile access of the web. Will unit share follow as mobile contracts expire?
  • Adding Verizon as a distributor of iPhones doubles customer reach for Apple in the USA.
  • China has banned Android - strangling global OEM acceptance of Android. Who will emerge as the leader of the largest mobile market?
  • iPad has already swamped the Amazon Kindle on the first weekend; and impacted the entire netbook segment after one month. Will Window-based laptops follow the downward trend?
  • iPad is moving toward saving the publishing industry from piracy-death - starting with books.
Apple is trending to become the highest market-cap company in the world - before the end of this year. Based on projected earnings, growth prospects, and reduced risk when compared to Exxon Mobile, the current leader - is this valuation justified?

Talk is cheap. Google and others talk big, but fails with hundreds of initiatives.

Apple executes.

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