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Feb 8, 2008

FORUM: Anyone able to earn $100+ eCPM?

Vertical industry magazines can gain $100 CPM? i.e. (CPM is ad revenues divided by total impressions * 1,000. It's the cost per mille or cost per thousand page views.) Are there any online networks with $100+ eCPMs?

The chinese word for fortune ;-)

Would you like to earn $100 eCPM? Post a comment.


  1. If you can sell $20 eCPM, I'd sign on.

  2. I get 25 cents per thousand from Google. What are you talking about?

  3. $10 would be good.

    We have a B2B network. I've tried dozens of networks.

  4. I see the logic in why AOL, MSN and Yahoo are chasing the ad network dream. They have a ton of inventory. Most of it is making money at very low CPMs - as low as 50 cents on average. If they can drive that CPM to 75 cents through an ad network strategy, their margins go way up, and they all come out looking like heroes.

    John Battelle's Searchblog

  5. Similarly, if you visit JohnChow you will find that the 125×125 button add costs $500 monthly, and the blog generates 300,000 page views. Again just do $500 divided by 300 and you get a CPM of $1,66.

    As you can see a CPM of $1,5 for the 125×125 buttons is a good average. Even TechCrunch charges a similar rate ($10,000 for 6,5 million page views monthly, converting to a CPM of $1,53), so let’s keep that number as a starting point.

  6. Inside Facebook polls its readers and gets similar results: With the exception of two outliers, respondents say they're saying CPMs of 50 cents and less for their app inventory, which are sold by networks (not clear whether we're seeing gross cpms or the app-makers' take, after the network has taken its cut):

    tspree15 is making $0.60 CPM with Social Media

    cbovis is making $1.50 CPM with VideoEgg, but they can't cover all his inventory (the rest runs on RockYou)

    sweetsteve is making $0.27 CPM with Cubics, down from $0.43 earlier this month

    ejono is seeing a $0.40 CPM with Cubics

    cory is making a $4.78 eCPM with Social Media (???)

    mzeitler is making a $0.50 CPM each with AdSense, FB Exchange, Social Media, and RockYou (and by combining 2 units on a page is making $1.00 CPM)

    saintseiya is making $0.125 CPM with Lookery ($0.25 with 2 ads above the fold)

    markdoub is seeing $0.10 CPM with Cubics, down from $0.43

    ersingencturk is seeing $0.04 CPM with AdSense

  7. There's no one who wold be willing to pay that much.

    I've worked with Advertising.com, ValueClick, Viralyticsmedia.com and Burst before and none of them pay that much.

    I wish, but more realistic is .60-$1.20 eCPM from a good network.

  8. @anon. The facts compiled in this blog shows that the Long Tail is unable to earn high eCPM's.

    However, the statement that no one is willing to pay high CPM is incorrect. We have had direct conversations with dozens of advertisers who are already paying $100+ eCPM.

    Advertising.com, ValueClick, and other AdNets don't offer what the advertisers want. Stay tuned.

  9. AnonymousMay 05, 2008

    Here’s why LinkedIn may be considered valuable to a suitor. Its user base doubled last year to more than 20 million active users worldwide, and it claims that 1.3 million new members are joining per month. The average user is 41 years old and makes around $110,000 — which the company says allows it to charge advertisers $75 per thousand impressions (which is exceptionally high).

  10. AnonymousJune 02, 2008

    Social Network CPMs: A Penny Arcade

    Run-of-network ads on social communities fetch a measly 5 cents per CPM, while those associated with a social application command 70 to 80 cents, says Seth Goldstein, chief executive of SocialMedia.

    "We have to march beyond $1 CPM and move to $2 to $3 to $4," he said, speaking today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's forum on user-generated content and social media.

  11. AnonymousJune 03, 2008

    Display ads on social networks make about 5 cents per click. Within social applications, it's more like 10 cents to 80 cents, Goldstein estimated. But he, and plenty of others in the ad business, want to keep moving. "As an industry, we have to march beyond a dollar CPM," he said, referring to the term for cost per thousand.

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  14. predict $0.10 CPM future ...
    info Mation is now free ... sucks to be in the journal/blogger universe

    (best to focus on a niche market / direct sales)


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