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Mar 4, 2008

Profiling the Internet and Online Advertising

Millions of users view billions of pages and trillions of ads, everyday. Here is the process.

TermDataMetric Issues

One billion - of 6 billion global population

US 164.6m active of 220m

High growth in China and India
Shared device at home
Cookie deletion inflates unique user metrics
Non-additive across domains

DevicesPC's to laptops to phones and gadgetsMultiple devices per user complicate tracking
Visits / Sessions

Neilsen says 11 per week

End of session definitions vary
DomainsWebsites visited
Neilsen says 27 per week;
105 per month
Changing domain ownerships and partnerships complicate tracking
Pages per userNeilsen implies 60 minute sessions; 60 pages per session; over 700 per week

2,400/month over 20 hours

Additive across domains
Videos, Open Social, and games reduce relevancy of impressions as metric

RSS feeds counted separately from pages

Ads per page

comscore says 35.1 per visit

TechCrunch serves dozens per page
Google serves 4 per skyscraper

Trillions per day

Gadgets serve ads to panels of a page

Games serve many ads per session

Video serves prerolls, postrolls

ClicksUser clicks on ads - 0.1% to 0.9%

Click fraud
Habitual clickers
Accidental clicks

RetentionRepeat user Case, New York Times

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