With features like continuous scroll and an index that encompasses millions of websites, a single image search query is often all you need to find what you are looking for. But sometimes those initial results only give you a hint of what’s available and you need to refine your search to uncover the images you want. With Live Search, you can now use images, rather than additional keyword queries, to refine a search and discover more content.

For example, if you searched for images of boxing icon Muhammad Ali, you would get initial results that include everything from portraits to action shots of both a young and old Ali:


But say that you’d like to see more images of Ali’s famous defeat of Sonny Liston. When you hover over that photo in the results, you’ll see an option to Show Similar Images


If you click on Show Similar Images, you'll get a new set of results focused solely on the iconic image from 1964 in which Ali towers over an unconscious Liston, after a quick right cross to the jaw.


Now, a question for sports history buffs: are the above images from Ali’s first fight with Liston in Miami, Fla., or their second battle in Lewiston, Maine? To find out, try Live Image Search.

Henry Hall, Senior Product Manager and Jason Xia, Senior Software Development Engineer