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Apr 9, 2006

Top Auto and Medical Blogs at Forbes

Automobile Blogs

Today, there are more than 450 million passenger cars traveling the streets and roads of the world so it is no surprise that when they are not behind the wheel, car enthusiasts and experts have taken to the Web to provide grassroots insights about the driving machine's they are passionate about. The blogs below range from homespun reviews and test drives, to trackers of the latest industry news and trends and futuristic vehicles. Whether you want to know what the chassis control feels like on BMW's new 750i at high speeds or what the effects of Detroit's steep discounting programs are, bloggers are talking about it. -- Paul M. Schwartz

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AutoblogForbes Favoritewww.autoblog.com
CarpunditForbes Best of The Web pickcarpundit.typepad.com/carpundit
Cars!Cars!Cars!Forbes Best of The Web pickcarscarscars.blogs.com
JalopnikForbes Best of The Web pickwww.jalopnik.com
The Truth About CarsForbes Best of The Web pickwww.thetruthaboutcars.com
Auto Spieswww.autospies.com
Automotive Business Blogwww.just-auto.com/blogs.asp
Le Blog Autohttp://www.leblogauto.com/
Popular Mechanics.comwww.popularmechanics.com
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Medical Blogs

Medical advice, suspect or not, has long been available on the Web. Now, you can add medical blogs to the list. Of course, the information here is no substitute for a visit to the doctor, but those posting articles and commentary on these blogs can help you to become more informed and ask the right questions when you do visit the doctor. While there are plenty of blogs not written by qualified experts, the ones reviewed here come from doctors, professors and scientists. True, some blogs are written at a high level and intended mostly for other doctors. Often, doctors use their blogs to ramble on about difficult patients, malpractice lawyers and pushy drug companies. But you'll also find insightful thoughts on topics such as drug warnings, treatments and analysis on the latest medical news. -- Ankur Tanna

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Family Medicine NotesForbes Favoritewww.docnotes.net
Corante In The PipelineForbes Best of The Web pickwww.corante.com/pipeline
Medicine and ManForbes Best of The Web pickwww.medicineandman.com/blog
A Chance to Cut Is A Chance To Curewww.cut-to-cure.blogspot.com
Code Blog: Tales of a Nursewww.codeblog.com
Straight From the Docwww.straightfromthedoc.com

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