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Apr 9, 2007

The VoIP-News Top 25 VoIP Blogs of 2007

The Jeff Pulver Blog: Jeff Pulver single-handedly jump-started the VoIP industry in the early 1990s. His evangelical experiments in free IP calls for the masses proved the concept. Pulver founded the VON (Voice On the Net) conference and expo, which still runs today. Now, Jeff is urging the VoIP industry to move beyond its telcolike business model to “social media,” and he's jumping headfirst into the Internet video world. It remains to be seen whether he’s right again.

VoIP Watch: At age 14, Andy Abramson’s high-school newspaper writing led him to a job with the Philadelphia Wings hockey team. Today, he is the founder of Comunicano, a PR and marketing consulting firm that has gravitated to the Internet telephony market. He is immensely influential in publicizing all aspects of cutting-edge communications. Abramson’s VoIP Watch blog is brimming with timely news and analysis of VoIP issues.

Saunderslog.com: Headlined as “an explosive mix of VoIP technology and the Web,” Saunders’ blog delivers a diet of both. Saunders is the CEO of iotum Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, an Internet telephony services company with especially good conferencing capabilities. His postings are concise, stimulating and widely read.

GigaOM: Founded by a senior Business 2.0 writer, Om Malik, this blog is driven by professional journalists and covers a wide spectrum of new technology and venture-capital issues, including VoIP. It claims a monthly audience of 1.5 million readers. Before starting GigaOM in 2006, Malik covered telecom and broadband beats. The Voice/VoIP section of the blog reflects Malik’s interests, with frequent postings on the minutest issues in the VoiP world, such as the quality of VoIP calls on Facebook.

IP Telephony, VoIP Broadband Blog: Russell Shaw got his credentials with tech publisher Ziff Davis Inc. He’s now with the ZDNet Web-publishing spinoff, where he opines on telephony and broadband issues with a bold, no-nonsense style. Shaw’s many years in the journalism business give him the contacts to pull off scoops that others can only envy.

Skype Blogs: A collection of blogs hosted by Skype, this site is one of the busiest VoIP-related blogs on the Web. There is content for developers, business users, Mac and Linux users, and many other subcategories. But if you don’t use Skype, it’s not as interesting.

VoIP Blog — Tehrani.com: Rich Tehrani is president of TMCnet. Tehrani’s blog is for deep-thinkers — people who want to know not only what happened, but what it means. Here you will find thoughtful analyses of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) minutes and decisions; what was discussed at the latest conference; and what Google could mean by its Android development platform.

Skype Journal: Very nearly as well-patronized as the aforementioned Skype corporate blogs, this private venture run by Jim Courtney has more of a traditional blogging style. The posts are lengthy, detailed and helpful. News reports from around the world keep readers informed about the entire Skype community and all kinds of VoIP-related issues.

O’Reilly Emerging Telephony: O’Reilly Media Inc. is best known as a publisher of technical books, but its blogs are also great sources of information. The Emerging Telephony blog was edited by Bruce Stewart, a computer scientist with a strong background in telephony systems. The posts tended to be short, right on point and well-written. This is in the past tense, because in October 2007, O'Reilly Media pulled out of the Emerging Telephony blog and the VoIP space, but this blog still makes the cut for 2007 because of the depth of coverage it had before it came to an end. For a form of successor, see the eComm (Emerging Communications) 2008 Conference.

VoIP Central: Run by one or more anonymous administrators, VoIP Central is an active source of news about new products and services. The blog's readers contribute quite a bit of content as well as comments. News of industry events such as litigation also keep VoIP Central lively, despite the derivative nature of much of the main content.

Fractals of Change: While not entirely devoted to VoIP, Tom Evslin’s blog is widely respected for his keen insights into the VoIP industry, as well as Web 2.0 and transportation issues. Evlsin was founder and CEO of ITXC Corp., one the biggest wholesalers of VoIP capacity.

LucaFiligheddu.com: Luca Filigheddu is the CEO of Abbeynet, an Italian IP telecommunications services company. Luca’s posts reflect his keen interest in Web-based VoIP services, Web 2.0/VoIP integration and product marketing. Luca often spots the personal and social implications of a new technology before the big guns do.

Stuart Henshall’s Blog: The founder of the Skype Journal blog, Stuart Henshall is a consultant to companies that want to tap new communications media. His blog has a heavy salting of VoIP news and commentary but also deals with social media such as Facebook and such services' integration with VoIP.

Latest Geek Stuff: Don’t let the name fool you — this blog is all about VoIP. A recent sample of posts dealt with mobile VoIP; Facebook VoIP apps; Jajah, the ad-financed free VoIP service provider; and Google Android.

VOIP IP Telephony: Billing itself as “the single destination” for every type of VoIP discipline, this blog has a lot to live up to. And it does a good job, with multiple posts per day covering VoIP, IP telephony, IP PBXopen-source VoIPand more.

VoIP Monitor: A news and research blog, VoIP Monitor has been online since 2005. It’s run by three people: writer Judson Skoog-Smith, advertising/marketing maven Birgit Schelzel and founder/guiding light Curtis Sund.

VoIP Insider: VoIP Insider is a corporate blog maintained by equipment and services distributor VoIP Supply LLC. Its posts are refreshed only a few times per month, but they tend to be meaty pieces addressing things of interest to the reseller community.

Smith on VoIP: This blog covers new VoIP products and services. It was created in June, 2006 by Garrett Smith, director of marketing and business development for B2 Technology Consultant LLC. B2 Technology Consultant happens to be the parent company of VoIP Supply, host of VoIP Insider.

Voice over IP Weblog: This unoriginal-sounding blog is part of a stable of business blogs created by Creative Weblogging. Surprisingly, this cookie-cutter approach produces some entertaining and frequent blog entries, graphics and even videos on the subject of VoIP.

VoIPs4u.com: This blog is almost Zen in its minimalism. There are no dates, no links and not much text to the postings. Yet the blogger seems to keep up with the VoIP industry pretty well.

Voice Over Internet Protocol: If you want an in-depth discussion of VoIP security or Google’s interest in Skype, this is the place. The posts are detailed and insightful but quite infrequent. This blog is part of a Web site maintained by North Beach Networks, a networking and Web-design company based in Northeast Florida. The blog moderator is Michael Talbert.

Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband Blog: Despite its name, this blog takes a nationwide perspective. It is all about “telephone, VoIP and broadband services, with occasional posts about cable, wireless and other related technologies.” Posts are commendably frequent and detailed.

VoIP Security Blog: This blog's uniqueness makes it especially valuable. If you’re not worried about the security of your VoIP network, you should be. Mark Collier, CTO of security vendor SecureLogix Corp., can tell you why.

Asterisk VoIP News: Devoted to the Asterisk open-source telephony platform, this blog has the latest news, developers notes, case studies and other information of interest to the growing Asterisk community.

About VoIP: This blog is a breezy news site written by Sharla Sikes. It covers industry mergers, new products, legislation and regulation, and business trends such as ad-supported calls.

For more on VoIP bloggers and for regular updates from the VoIP blogosphere, see our very own VoIP-News Blog, where Cate O'Malley delivers biweekly roundups on VoIP from all over the Web.


We inadvertently missed a few of our absolute favorites in compiling this list - our apologies to those concerned and here are the additions and changes...

Jon Arnold: Jon's blog is one of the most authoritative voices in VoIP - a must read for those immersed in the business and part of the influential Pulver media empire. It was inexcusable that we missed it out initially - our apologies to Jon.

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