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Mar 29, 2008

NEWS: Long Tail Economics

Google news search with phrase 'Long Tail' produced the list below. Note the following conclusions:

  1. Search optimization or flypaper effect?
  3. No adsense

Will the burden of the Long Tail kill Internet commerce?
ZDNet - Mar 22, 2008
Long Tail businesses are based on aggregating huge numbers of micro-markets. GOOG, Facebook, YouTube, and many other online businesses are Long Tail ...
Have we misinterpreted the business value of the long tail?
ZDNet - Mar 20, 2008
I’ve been thinking about the economics of the long tail and its impact on the business of Silicon Valley’s largest Internet companies and discovering some ...

Brandweek Magazine
The Long Tail Batters Borders
Brandweek Magazine, NY - Mar 22, 2008
By Elena Malykhina The Long Tail may be responsible for both Borders' and Barnes & Noble's latest painful chapters. As the book chains report drops in ...BKS

Straits Times (subscription)
How macaques and humans can live together
Straits Times (subscription), Singapore - Mar 25, 2008
I came to learn about a small population of long-tailed macaques that live in the few forest patches that remain on this once lushly forested island. ...
The Longtail of IT Governance
ZDNet - Mar 14, 2008
Archer Exchange is an intriguing idea one that allows the company to address the long-tail of applications within the IT governance space. ...

Dogs with docked tails can grow up mean: study
Canada.com, Canada - Mar 24, 2008
"When the long tail was wagging, then other dogs would approach (the robo-dog) in a confident friendly way," Leaver said in an interview. "But when the tail ...
Mercury has super long, glowing tail
ABC Science Online, Australia - Mar 2, 2008
New measurements of Mercury's yellow-orange tail, which streams in the solar wind like thelong tail of a kite, put it at more than 100 times the radius of ...
Mercury has long, glowing tail
Times of India, India - Feb 29, 2008
According to him, the actual two degree sodium tail is as long as four full moons. Baumgardner said that Mercury was blocked out in the image as its ...
Open country
Borders Today, UK - Mar 27, 2008
In the relatively dim light of the wood I nonchalantly replied that they must be as no other little bird has such a long tail – in fact, more than half the ...

CNET News.com
Political blogs are definitely long tail, survey says
CNET News.com, CA - Mar 10, 2008
A new survey shows that few Americans really care what bloggers have to say about politics, despite the plethora of opinionated blogs out there this ...

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