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Jun 2, 2008

NEWS: Facebook Fails An Online Rorschach Test - Branding Problem

Facebook Fails An Online Rorschach Test

from Silicon Alley Insider by 

antifacebook.jpgIs "Facebook Fatigue" real or imagined? We've been hearing about a supposed backlash against the social network for months, but haven't seen enough data to convince us. But here's another piece of anecdotal evidence in favor of the "played-out" argument: An interesting word association game, which indicates that people have much more affection for old Web geezers like Amazon and Google than Mark Zuckerberg's upstart.

The experiment, via a site called brandtags.net, is anything but scientific. But it is simple: The site shows a brand's logo and simply asks you to type the first word that pops into your head.

Here are the top 25 words or phrases on Brand Tags currently associated with Facebook (descriptive words are bolded): == college kids

friends, social, collegeannoying, people, facebook, funboringkidslame, community, social networking, myspace, waste of timeaddictive, social network, network, networking, stupidyounguselesscrap, internet, stalkers***

Compare that list with Amazon's: == online shopping

books, book, everything, shopping, convenient, easy, buy, cheapawesomefast, online, smilegreat, shop, amazon, useful, internet, good, online shopping, shipping, amazing, store, reliable,cool, huge

And Google's: == ubiquity

search, google, internet, search engine, awesomegodevilsmartusefuleverythingcool, find, funfastgoodbig brother, information, everywheresimplegreatinnovative,ubiquitoushelpfulamazinglove

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