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Jul 14, 2008

Apple Sells 1 Million New iPhones in First Weekend

Apple Sells 1 Million New iPhones in First Weekend

The original iPhone, introduced in late June 2007 in the United States only, sold about 270,000 units in its first two days. The new device sells in 21 countries...

Why iPhone Games Will Rule

  • The iPhone's processor thinks almost twice as fast as the Sony PSP's brain.
  • Its touchscreen is more responsive than the Nintendo DS's, recognizing subtle finger taps, pinches, and spreads.
  • The three-axis accelerometer, like the one in the Wiimote, could replace the thumbstick — Sega has already exploited this ability for an iPhone port of Super Monkey Ball.
  • Wi-Fi could make for mean multiplayer mayhem.
  • Cell-tower triangulation could be used for location-aware games.
  • Attention developers: Get to work!

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