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Aug 23, 2008

Social Media Weekend

CarsDiva.com Creates Social Media Network Site Aimed at Ford Flex ...
MarketWatch - 3 hours ago
The social network has been created specifically for consumer enthusiasts, retailers, and manufacturers of the new Flex Crossover vehicle, ...

Tutorial Offers Social Media 101
Adrants, MA - 5 hours ago
Jennifer Jones has produced a brief, helpful tutorial, How to Build a Social Media Campaign, to guide markers considering swimming in the social media pond. ...
Brands See 'Social Media Lift' During Olympics Adrants
all 2 news articles »

Echo chamber: Social media strategists are talking to themselves
ZDNet - Aug 21, 2008
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about social media as an industry. Or as a field. It’s very new. We’re still finding ourselves. We’re trying to figure out ...
Gnomedex 8.0: Using social media for good causes with Beth Kanter
Film Crunch, WA - 20 minutes ago
She experiments with all types of social media tools. Things like Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr, Qik, etc. Today Beth is going to talk about how she has ...
Media Advisory: Human Resources and Social Development Canada
MarketWatch - 5 hours ago
Minister Solberg will be available to answer questions from the media following the announcement. Media representatives will also be invited to tour the new ...
News media leveraging on social media
Malaysia Star, Malaysia - Aug 20, 2008
By OON YEOH We’ve all heard about how some politicians and even some companies have started to leverage on social media. It’sa natural thing to do since a ...
Social Media Marketing: What is it and What is it Good For? Search Engine Roundtable
Messaging & Collaboration Facebook, Twitter Use in The Enterprise ... eWeek
Social Media Marketing for Beginners
ClickZ News, NY - 20 hours ago
"Five of the top 10 sites are social media. You need to go where the people are," said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon, a social media marketing agency. ...

Cool Tools - JealousBrother.com joins the socnet rivalry
ZDNet - 9 hours ago
Social Media Jobs - Here to Stay vs. Social Media Jobs - On Their Way George W. Bush - Dubya vs. Richard Nixon - Tricky Dick Michael Phelps vs. ...

CSRwire.com (press release)
Ten Ways that Social Media and Sustainability Align
CSRwire.com (press release) - Aug 21, 2008
That’s how we feel about social media and green living ie sustainability. There is nothing inherently green about social media. The Web 2.0 revolution is ...
Social Media is Flawed, Imperfect and Unique
SBWire (press release), WI - Aug 21, 2008
What businesses are finding out, however, is that social media success is, first, not that simple and second, they’re not sure “what” social media success ...

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