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Aug 7, 2008

Software Startups No Longer Need Venture Capital, Says Founder of RescueTime

Ed: Publishing, videotography, and web applications have small start-up and operating costs - including minimal marketing costs. The real cost is the passion and expertise of the founders. 

The magic bullet is monetization with eCPM matching branded products. Rather than $0.25 per thousand delivered by search engines, $50 or higher eCPM would allow a renaissance of web innovations. 

Stay tuned. Success of the tEarn (target, Earn) advertising network enables viral growth of compelling web content and applications.

Software Startups No Longer Need Venture Capital, Says Founder of RescueTime

rescuetimeGregory T. Huang wrote:

Venture financing—who needs it? Not early-stage software and Web startups, if you ask Tony Wright. I sat down with the serial entrepreneur and founder of Seattle-based RescueTime yesterday, and he had some intriguing thoughts about recent trends in the innovation community.

“The nature of VC is changing,” he said. “The notion of a ‘big launch’ is dead… The magic of something that takes hold in the market is not financially driven.” Instead, it’s about “running an experiment to see if the market has an interest in it. You don’t need venture capital for that.” What has changed in the past five years, Wright says, is that talent has gotten cheaper, software tools are even cheaper, and IT and Web infrastructure have become readily available and incredibly cheap. It used to be you needed $250,000 just to get started on a major software project. “Now it’s for relative pennies,” he says...

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