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Apr 12, 2008

NEWS: adNets Go Vertical, Gamed, Localized, Targeted

Ed: vertical, gaming, localized, targeted - lots of motion in advertising networks.

Networks Poised To Take A Larger Share Of Online Ad 
Washington Post - United States

argues Lehman Brothers analyst Doug Anmuth in his Internet Inside Weekly report (pdf only, not online)...as online ad budgets rise and more brand-oriented campaigns migrate to the web, the need for higher-value, premium ad inventory, particularly for traditional brands which have greater sensitivity about the placement and context in which their ads appear, is likely to grow. So far, Anmuth points out, in terms of billings, verticals started to grow again last year, climbing to a 39 percent share from 37 percent in 2007; but still below the 47 percent share the category had in 2004. In comparison, search's share of billings last year was 31 percent, followed by portals with 19 percent, and general ad nets with 11 percent. Anmuth expects verticals to continue their upward swing.
Much of the suspicion around ad networks tends to stem from confusion "run of site networks" that sell remnant ("unsold") ad inventory, which is mostly ...

The Associated Press - 

ABC, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Co., expects to explore the effectiveness of localized advertising in test markets in the next several months, ...

Just how targeted can that targeted ad be? Ad networks set new ...
CNET News.com - San Francisco,CA,USA

Social media and Web-surfing habits have made it possible for advertisers to target their campaigns at the narrowest of niche audiences. But what happens when targeting goes beyond relevance and into insensitivity? That's something that a big digital-ad trade group has addressed in a new set of guidelines that effectively ban behavioral targeting pertaining to certain medical and psychological conditions.

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), which encompasses ad networks like AOL's Advertising.com and Tacoda, Yahoo's BlueLithium, and Google's DoubleClick, published the draft of its "Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct for Online Behavioral Advertising" guidelines on Thursday. The document was passed in response to principles proposed by the Federal Trade Commission last year...

techrockies.com - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
Online video advertising network SpotXchange revealed Thursday that it has added a number of casual gaming sites as customers of the firm's video ...
By Kathleen 
ADOTAS – Online advertising network Collective Media recently released its 2008 Ad Network Study found that advertisers are planning to allocated more of their budget to ad networks this year. Agencies and advertisers will spend 75% or ...

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