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Jun 27, 2008

BRAND: Yahoo==Alice in Wonderland

BRAND: Yahoo==Alice in Wonderland, a little lost

Yahoo ReOrg Is Official

Yahoo has announced its anticipated reorganization. As expected executives Hilary Schneider and Ash Patel are consolidating power under president Sue Decker. All product development will come under the responsibility of Patel, a Yahoo veteran and Yang loyalist. Schneider will take over all the advertising sales teams across the company. A third “Insights Strategy” team has also been formed to centralize strategy. Nobody has yet been named to head up that group.

This reshuffle follows mass defections and a shakeup of its upper ranks. Wall Street is underwhelmed. The stock is down nearly 3 percent today (granted, on a terrible day for stocks overall).

The company is also announcing a new cloud computing group and new responsibilities for three search executives—Venkat Panchapakesan, Tuoc Luong, and David Ku— who are filling the hole left by former EVP of engineering Qi Lu.

Interview: Yahoo's Schneider And Moore On Reorg: 'The Changes Are Larger Than Any One Individual'

imageimage(with David Kaplan) Yahoo's (NSDQ: YHOO) new U.S. head Hilary Schneider and her new direct report Scott Moore spent some time on the phone with paidContent this afternoon in full it's-all-good mode as they explained their takes on the latest reorganization. Schneider, who joined Yahoo from Knight Ridder in fall 2006 and has been heading ad-centric Global Partner Solutions, is among the big winners in this round of Yahoo power lotto, gaining responsibility for all go-to-market products—including the content produced by the Yahoo Media Group—and reporting directly to Yahoo president Sue Decker. Moore, who doesn't admit to being high on last week's list of possible departing execs, says he thinks this latest structure makes sense and he's in for the duration.  (No definition of duration.) ...

Yahoo tries going on the offensive

Yahoo is trying to show that it's taking hold of its own destiny again.

Phase 1 was the ad deal, under which Yahoo expects more cash by showing Google's more lucrative ads next to Yahoo search results. Phase 2 came Thursday with a ...

Yahoo Shakes Up Management Amid Shareholder Unrest

For the third time in 19 months, Yahoo redraws its management chart as it tries to snap out of a financial malaise that has ravaged its stock price, jeopardized its independence and demoralized employees.

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