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Jun 27, 2008

NEWS: Mike Dunn, VP Interactive Media, Hearst

People in Tech: Mike Dunn, VP Interactive Media, Hearst

The technologists behind large companies are always fascinating. Unlike entrepreneurs, who often code their vision into software, CTOs channel their vision through the engineers working for them. CTOs of modern media companies are measured on their ability to bring innovation to the market quickly. This installment of People in Tech features a unique technologist. Mike Dunn (LinkedInTwitter) was instrumental in bringing Dell computers online, was part of Time Warner during its merger with AOL, and is now leading media giant Hearst Corporation.

The interview presents Mike as an intelligent technologist and a strong leader, while also a humble and curious learner of modern technology. This curiosity and passion for tech has guided Mike's impressive journey.

His story is an inspiration and it is our pleasure to connect you with Mike Dunn on ReadWriteWeb...

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