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Jun 9, 2008

NEWS: Google Releases AdWords API Starter Kit

Ed: AdNet software becomes increasingly complex.

Google Releases AdWords API Starter Kit

AdWords API Advisor has posted on Google Groups that a new AdWords API Starter Kit is available. The goals are to teach new developers about the Google AdWords API and to provide a flexible/modifiable codebase for a variety of AdWords...

Google Releases AdWords Editor Version 6.0

Google has released version 6.0 of the Google AdWords editor yesterday. One of the notable features recognized by forum members is the ability to drag and drop groups within tree view. The downside to this drag and drop feature is...

The Ad Network Business: Not Doing So Bad, After All?

...Last month PubMatic told us that overall CPMs for Web publishers had fallen 23% between March and April. Like Rubicon,PubMatic also manages/optimizes ad networks for publishers. So which one is right? It's possible that both are, because they're looking at different data sets. Pubmatic was looking at rates across 3,000 publishers. Rubicon is al...

Slowing growth in online media impacting bigger companies

...spend and Pubmatic finding lower CPM rates in their latest survey. It is important to note though that large companies and small companies face very different situations. As Pubmatic notes: The PubMatic AdPrice Index revealed surprising weakness in monetization for the vast majority of Web sites. Large Web sites fared the worst while small Web... Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

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