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Jun 8, 2008

STATS: Ranks of 'Hyperconnected' Poised to Boom


Some 16% of the global information workforce is “Hyperconnected” - and the 36% who are “Increasingly Connected” will likely be joining them soon - according to a recent study that examined device and application use and used cluster analysis to identify various groupings.

The global IDC study sponsored by Nortel, titled “The Hyperconnected - Here They Come!” (May 2008), also identified lesser-connected groups - the “Passive Online,” and “Barebones Users”  (via Micro Persuasion and Church of the Customer):

On average, the Hyperconnected use at least seven electronic devices and nine connectivity applications to access the online network, for both personal and business use..

In general, the Hyperconnected make heavy use of the internet, broadband access, camera phones, voice over IP, instant messaging, social networking and video uploading.

Other findings about the Hyperconnected:

Ed: Hyper-connected, early adopters, lean forward users, social hubs, twitts ... many names for an important trend.

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