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Jul 31, 2008

Blogger Prank Deprives Sony BMG Of Precious Google Dollars

Ed: Lack of approval of ads creates problems for publishers and advertisers. Publishers can be embarrassed and brand advertisers don't want to join the ranks of pranksters.

Blogger Prank Deprives Sony BMG Of Precious Google Dollars

GraffitiPoster3.jpgWe don't know why Sony BMG's Columbia label has been running Google AdSense on the front of its homepage: Surely they weren't trying to recoup some of the $40-plus million they lost last quarter, right?

But in any case, that's over now. Columbia yanked the ads after this prank by Bruce Houghton, whose Hypebot blog covers digital music:

There are many reasons why corporate and artist sites should not carry advertising. But the most obvious one is that outside ads change the conversation. In one of the few places that a marketer can completely control their message; they're sharing the stage with outsiders who have a different agenda.

To prove the point, I placed this ad via Google AdWords in rotation yesterday on the front page of the main Columbia Records web sitecolumbiarecords.com:

Major Labels Are Obsolete 
R.I.P. or learn and thrive. 
Music. Tech. The New Music Business 

As of this morning for a mere $3.37 in click thru fees, 6417 people visiting Columbia Records flagship site were delivered the message that this company is obsolete. Could that have been worth the share of $3.37 that parent Sony BMG will receive?

ad sense ad.png

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