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Jul 28, 2008

Conversations On Relational Blogging Continue

Conversations On Relational Blogging Continue

A week ago today I published a post asking ‘has Blogging has lost it’s relational focus?

It was a post that generated some great conversation in comments and one that sparked other bloggers to pick up on the thread and write about it on their own blogs. Today I thought I’d point out some of the conversations that are going on around this topic in the hope that it’ll extend an important topic:

I’m sure there are others - if you’ve written on the topic of late feel free to share your links in comments below.

PS: I should reemphasize that in my original article I didn’t conclude that blogging had lost it’s relational focus. I did muse about whether it was harder to find and suggest that it is more evident in some niches than others - but by no means have I given up hope in the medium of blogging or it’s social media.

In fact, for me, it’s so social that at times this little introvert can barely cope!

The reason for my post was simply to remind bloggers of our social/relational roots...

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