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Jul 22, 2008

US: NYTimes.com targets business readers with LinkedIn deal

US: NYTimes.com targets business readers with LinkedIn deal

The New York Times and social networking site LinkedIn have signed a deal aimed at providing targeted web stories to readers looking for business and technology stories.

NYTimes.com will show five targeted headlines in a right-hand box, with the stories selected based on the industry, location, role, company and gender of the user's LinkedIn profile.

To activate the service, users simply need to activate their LinkedIn account within NYTimes.com.

This project is aimed at attracting more readers from the business world and entrepreneurs to the site, which will obviously please advertisers on the site.

NYTimes.com's objective is to increase the volume of traffic from business executives and the entrepreneurial community, which is a valuable audience for advertisers.

Denise Warren, the senior vice-president and chief advertising officer for the New York Times Media Group said:  "Advertisers are constantly looking for context, content and quality brands and this approach delivers just that."

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