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Nov 18, 2008

Glam Media’s Blog Apps Atako Goes Live

Glam Media’s Application Platform Goes Live

Glam Media has launched its application platform, called Glam Apps Atako, to the public. The platform was originally unveiled in July, and has remained in private beta until now.

Each application allows bloggers and site owners to quickly implement new functionality into their sites, with available options for syndicating content, adding rich media, and enhancing posts with comments and polls. At launch available apps include Sphere, BuzzFeed, Meebo, PollDaddy, PicApp, JS-Kit, and Kwanzoo, along with a video delivery widget developed in-house called GlamTV. Glam has also built the platform with monetization in mind, offering an integrated monetization system with built-in support for rev-shares. Built with Google Gadgets, the Glam Platform also supports OpenSocial and OpenID. The platform itself will also be open sourced, says Glam CEO Samir Arora...

If the App Store Were a Widget Store, It’d Be Glam Apps

Glam, the network of women’s (and now men’s too) content sites, has taken the hood off of its application platform, which debuted in private beta earlier this year. Essentially, it’s like an app store for publishers and advertisers – Glam bloggers can grab widgets for their sites, while marketers can buy ads in the widgets, or use them to distribute content.

At launch, many of the applications come from familiar names: Meebo, PollDaddy, Sphere, and ShareThis, just to name a few. App developers can offer their products under one of several monetization models according to Glam: “ad-enabled with required IAB-standard ad units, sponsored or advertorial widgets, paid for or subscription based applications and free no-ads utilities.”

To get the applications, publishers can browse the categorized app gallery on the Glam Apps site. Once they’ve been added to their sites, they can begin to earn a revenue share on them, with Glam handling the ad sales – as they currently do for traditional online ad campaigns. During the private beta, advertisers on the Glam Apps platform included T-Mobile, Levi’s, and V05.

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