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Nov 11, 2008

Google Reader Now Auto-Translates Stuff. Read Anything You Like

Say What? Google Reader Translates Any Feed into Your Native Tongue

greader_logo.jpgIf you're like most folks interested in technology, you likely have a feed reader full of hundreds of RSS feeds on your favorite topics. No doubt, they all have one thing in common: they're in a language that you're capable of reading.

But what about all of that interesting news and information that's written in languages you don't speak? Get ready to have access to even more information about your favorite topics, because now Google Reader leverages Google Translate technology to convert any feed to your preferred language...

Google Reader Now Auto-Translates Stuff. Read Anything You Like

by Michael Arrington on November 10, 2008

Google just made the world a slightly smaller place today. They’ve added a feature to their highly popular Google Reader that will auto-translate any site with a feed to your native tongue. Not only that, it’s very easy to use and it works really well.

Just subscribe to a blog or other feed like normal, then pull down the feed settings menu on the right and choose “Translate into my language.” The text is instantly translated.

We tested it with TechCrunch Japan, and the translations came through well enough to understand. Definite winner.


  • Non-English content focuses on local stories of interest to locals and overseas expats. Both know their own language.
  • Significant non-English content gets translated by leading bloggers into English.
  • Well educated foreigners are already fluent with English.
  • English content auto-translates into local languages, extending the reach for publishers, but only if non-English, low tech readers know how to install Google Reader. 
  • RSS adaption has already flattened at 11%.
Is this a solution in search of a problem?

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