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Nov 11, 2008

Starting the Exitmercial Engines

Our president has been planning the new administration. We've been working and training a dozen publishers to start selling the exitmercial inventory - a change to benefit millions of bloggers and publishers. The qualification process will be changing. 

Bloggers are advised to install early to avoid the more stringent process, later.

Anchor Publishers

Publishers with existing ad sales will be integrating their online and print pitch. Futher, they will sell exitmercials for the entire tEarn network. These are the anchor publishers. 

Beyond robotic qualifications, anchors want the right to qualify other publications that join their vertical network. We have agreed. 

Joining a Microchannel

Any blogger or publisher can join tEarn. It's an open network.

To join high eCPM microchannels, a publisher chooses to join a category that matches their target audience. tEarn presents a hierarchial tree of these channels. Access these choices from your publisher panel.

We'll be deploying a mechanism to allow anchor publishers to qualify the partners in their microchannel. If you do not qualify, you still earn from lower eCPM exitmercials. 

We recommend you join early.

Stay Tuned for Announcements

As each anchor rolls out their plans, stay tuned to this blog for information. Subscribe to the 'New Economics of Advertising'. 

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