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Jan 6, 2009

Live: Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote

Themes seem clear. 

  1. Apple is more than Steve Jobs. 
  2. The Mac dominates the creative community - the 1984 crowd and core of 2009. 
  3. Music, photo, video, and gaming fans are moving to Apple. 
  4. It's a bad economy - wrong time to introduce radical changes. 
The Apple ship is steady and coming on strong with their core strategy.

Live blog: Macworld 2009 keynote

Posted by Tom Krazit

We're posting live updates from Macworld 2009 at San Francisco's Moscone Center, where Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, is delivering the keynote speech.

Live: Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote
by Peter Ha on January 6, 2009

Welcome to our live coverage of Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote. We are hoping and praying that the server holds out so we’re not trying any special tricks this time - just good old fashioned blog posting. To see updates, please hit F5 or Command-R to refresh.

Apple's iWork Goes (Partly) Online

iwork_logo_dec08.pngApple today announced an online component to its iWork productivity suite. This, however, is not the rumored online version of iWork we were hoping for, as it only allows you to share documents online through iWork.com. After you share a document through the newly released iWork '08 desktop software, your friends and co-workers can comment and leave notes on your Keynote, Pages, or Numbers documents, though the documents themselves can't be edited online...

Join us for some live Macworld Keynote coverage

Tomorrow at 9AM PST, Apple will hold its keynote address at the Macworld Expo. Myself and Dean Takahashi will be on hand to bring you any announcements from the keynote as they unfold live.

As usual, we’ll have a page on VentureBeat set up with a FriendFeed room embedded in it. What should make this even more interesting for you who choose to watch on venturebeat.com is that FriendFeed now has a real-time component to the site, which will allow us to stream stuff to you without you having to refresh the page at all...

Missing From Macworld: Mac Mini, Steve Jobs Surprise (AAPL)

steve-jobs-hand-on-chin.jpgAs anticipated, Apple's (AAPL) last Macworld keynotewas a snoozefest. The company showed off some software and hardware updates. And the updates to iTunes -- more DRM-free songs, different price points, over-the-air downloads -- were a long time coming...

Report: Apple To Drop DRM, Hike Prices For Major-Label Songs

What will be the big news flash at Apple's final MacWorld Expo today? CNET says the company will announce that it's getting rid of DRM protection on iTunes Store music downloads. EMI already began offering higher-fidelity, DRM-free AAC files back in May 2007, after Steve Jobs said Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) would "embrace (DRM-free) in a heartbeat if the big four would license their music (that way) ... because DRMs haven't worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy"...

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