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Apr 20, 2009

In-Stat: 66.3 Million US TV Viewers are Simultaneously Using a PC, Twitter While Watching TV

Over 66 million consumers across demographic categories are using the Internet while camped out on their sofas watching TV, according to market research firm In-Stat. Based on In-Stat’s recent survey, 33% of all male respondents, across age groups, reported that they are sometimes using a personal computer simultaneously while watching TV. Among some male age groups the behavior was as high as 50%. In contrast, about 25% of female respondents reported using a PC while watching TV.

Consumer multitasking represents an important emerging opportunity for the TV industry. Local TV stations, TV networks, pay-TV networks, 24-hour news networks, sports leagues, and music channels, can instantly connect to some of their viewers, right now, on both the TV screen and on a laptop computer screen.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • One-fifth of all respondents reported doing instant messaging while watching TV, with similar responses among females and males.
  • US consumers could drop spending on mobile, broadband and pay TV services by nearly $5 billion due to economic turmoil.
  • About 15% of US respondents intend to cut back spending on subscription-TV, broadband, and mobile services in response to economic pressures.

The research, “US TV Viewers Response to Economic Turmoil” (#IN0904557CM), covers TV viewing habits in the US. It includes:

  • Analysis of impact of current economic downturn on consumer behavior regarding TV viewing, broadband use, and spending across mobile, broadband and subscription TV.
  • Results and analysis of a late 2008 US consumer survey on TV viewing,Internet usage habits and multitasking while watching TV.
  • Examination of consumers’ interest in Internet TV services.
  • Exploration of new hybrid “Lite” subscription TV services.
  • Detailed demographic segmentation.

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