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Apr 23, 2009

It's Getting Harder to Crack the Viral Video Chart

Ed: Some observations.

  • Do ad agencies integrate creative, PR, and media for clients?
  • Despite the popularity of T-Mobile and Samsung's ads, they need to work on their products. Good publicity does not replace great design - as AT&T Wireless and Apple iPhone is outperforming despite the viral ads.
What People Watched the Week of April 13, 2009

NEW YORK (Ad Age.com) -- Last week, the Ad Age viral video chart illustrated T-Mobile's staying power -- its "Dance" spot that debuted in January was still no 2. This week's views, at 748,855, were 1% higher than last week's -- good enough to disrupt the three-week chart-topping streak Samsung and its LED-draped sheep enjoyed.

Samsung dropped to no. 2 while Burger King's ode to SpongeBob and Cadbury's "Eyebrow Dance" hung onto the three and four spots, respectively. But new to the chart is a video promoting Head tennis rackets and starring Novak Djokovic (and his chest), Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" campaign and the "Fast Food Folk Song," created as part of a Mountain Dew Baja Blast promotion.

The data, as always, is compiled by Visible Measures and includes the most recent week's views -- not total views over the entire life of a campaign. One change over the first threecharts? The threshold to break into the top 10 is higher this week, at 271,985 views. Perhaps it's a one-week anomaly, perhaps it's due to increased usage of online video or social-sharing tools. Regardless, we'll be watching to see if that trend continues in the weeks to come.

Last WeekBrandCampaignAgencyCurrent Week Views*% Change in Views**Watch the Spot
12T-MobileT-Mobile DanceSaatchi & Saatchi, MediaCom748,855+1%T-Mobile: Dance
21SamsungExtreme Sheep LED ArtThe Viral Factory707,345-37%Samsung: Extreme Sheep LED Art
33Burger KingSpongeBobCrispin Porter & Bogusky625,852+14%Burger King: SpongeBob
44CadburyEyebrow DanceFallon503,372+15%Cadbury: Eyebrow Dance
5NewHeadNovak Djokovic Scores On and OffAimaq Rapp Stolle/Feed Company488,806New to chartHead: Novak Djokovic Scores On and Off
6NewMicrosoftLaptop HuntersCrispin Porter & Bogusky478,831New to chartMicrosoft: Laptop Hunters
75GeicoIt's the Gecko/ Numa NumaThe Martin Agency, Horizon Media403,062+4%Geico: It's the Gecko/Numa Numa
87Wilkinson SwordMow the LawnJWT, New York378,474+45%Wilkinson Sword: Mow the Lawn
9Back on ChartRay-BanNever HideCutwater358,617Back on chartRay-Ban: Never Hide
10NewMountain Dew Baja BlastFast Food Folk Song (at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru)Feed Company271,985New to chartMountain Dew Baja Blast: Fast Food Folk Song

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