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Jan 30, 2008

ANALYSIS: Seismic Shifts of the Internet Ecosystem

Prior to 2000, the focus of the Internet was news and email. Yahoo and MSN leads these segments. (Use Alexa to compare Yahoo and Hotmail.com's share of page views.) Their share of global page views has been declining.

Google Search has been flat or declining. If 25% of Google users bother to remember or bookmark domain names, Google's share could be even lower.

Self publishing shifts views towared shared multi-media content away from news. Social networking shifts views away from email. These are the growth segments. Technocrati reports over 110 million bloggers creating 1.6 million pages per day. This overwhelms the, at best, 100,000 daily pages produced by some 25,000 legacy, print publishers.


As more applications emerge, shares of global views continue to fragment. iMedia companies will be forced to acquire companies to maintain their share of impressions for ad serving.

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