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May 27, 2008

NEWS: Michael Arrington on Copyright: Wrong

Ed: another public conversation/disagreement among blogs.

Michael Arrington on Copyright: Wrong

hankwilliams.jpgMichael Arrington's position on copyright seems to be that people are going to steal, no one should do anything about it, and that copyright based businesses are going to die and that's not bad.

In January, Michael wrote:

Personally, I think a new era of free recorded music and paid live performances is a very good thing. Recorded music will become a marketing tool to get people to pay for concerts and merchandise. Overall the music industry will be smaller in terms of revenue. But the artists who are driven to create their art will continue to do so, and many will make a very good living from it.

First, if music goes down, so will every other form of copyrighted material including ultimately books, movies, TV, etc. What we will be saying is in the Internet era, copyright doesn't matter. And this is good? ...

1 comment:

  1. A post copyright business world would be a disaster for artists of all types. As a a relatively new owner of my own copyrights, what Michael Arrington fails to address is what about the thousands of artists who are not huge stars who cannnot command $250-$1000 - $2500 per ticket for a massive concert. They should give their work away for free -- again -- and recreate the universe of starving artists? No. Copyrights are a good thing and successful, generous artists who WANT to give away their music, film, literary works should go for that. The other zillion of us who cannot -- should be protecte.


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