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May 31, 2008

Social Media Weekend

Social Media: How Much is Too Much?
Technosailor, MD - 10 hours ago
Social Times is one of those cool new social media blogs that just happens to be in Washington, DC It is a joint venture by Nick O’Neill and is backed by ...
Interview with the Entrepreneur: Jesse Thomas of JESS3 Technosailor
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Dems and GOP Reach Out With Social Media
Marketing Shift.com - 6 hours ago
Later, the media dissects what has been said and accuses said politician of flip-flopping on issues. It's a good system we've put together. ...
Online Community and Social Media Budgets Grow While Metrics for ...
PR Web (press release), WA - 16 hours ago
Companies continue to allocate large budgets to online community and social media efforts as they redefine ROI from standard reports to measuring ...
Social Media Tools Bring Success to 50 Cent
Marketing Vox News - 7 hours ago
50 Cent has built a loyal online fanbase by using free social media tools, which allow fans to connect with him and each other, reports ClickZ. ...
Interview: Social Media Fills the Need for Human Contact on the Net
Technosailor, MD - 10 hours ago
It was pretty fun as we talked about b5media and the technology challenges we’ve faced as well as broader social media and the best tools to use and in ...
Social media 'becoming popular among marketers'
Epiphany Search News, UK - 20 hours ago
Marketing professionals are increasingly spending their budgets on interactive platforms such as viral marketing and social media, new research shows. ...
SEO spending on the rise Business Feet
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The Daily Deal (subscription)
Media Maneuvers: Tweet week
The Daily Deal (subscription), NY - 6 hours ago
The authors then proceed to have a eureka moment when they decide to use social media to reach a "corporate honcho," BT Group plc technology chief JP ...
JustMeans - A Social Media Starting Point for Businesses
ReadWriteWeb, CA - 20 hours ago
Today, social media is one of those avenues that not many companies are pursuing. Social media can be a platform that's associated with many risks for these ...
Does social media bias reviews ?
ITvoir, India - 14 hours ago
Social networking is emerging as the new face of industries. The tools of Web 2.0 have given consumers the power which is making the industries to ...
Photos: Meet Minneapolis Launches Social Media Newsroom
PR Newswire (press release), NY - May 29, 2008
MINNEAPOLIS, May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Meet Minneapolis, the Official Convention + Visitors Association, today launched its social media newsroom ...

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