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Jun 18, 2008

Apple: Mac Unit Sales Grew 50% in May

Apple: Mac Unit Sales Grew 50% in May

Apple had a solid May for both Mac and iPod sales. As Lehman analyst Tim Luke points out in a note today, new data from market research firm NPD shows Mac unit sales grew 50% on a year-over-year basis in May, ahead of the 37% Q2 growth Lehman had expected. Sales of iPods in the month were up 11.6% for the month in units, slower growth than the 14.6% gain in April, but well ahead of the 2% year-over-year decline Lehman has been modeling for the quarter.

iPhones Could Drive a Third of Apple's Revenue Next Year

3giPhone.jpgFrom Clusterstock: Good news for Apple (AAPL) fans. In 2009, iPhone sales should start to become material to the company's overall financial performance -- possibly very material.

Morgan Stanley expects iPhone sales to at least double in 2009, to 27 million units. At $200 a phone, that's $5 billion of revenue. Despite the recent price cuts, Morgan Stanley uses an average unit price of $550 per phone. This seems far too high to us, but 27 million units at this price would yield almost $15 billion of revenue.

IPhone rumors: Could Adobe lose out on its slice of the Apple pie?

Adobe Flash, the popular platform for web applications and media, may finally be coming to the iPhone. “May” is the operative word here — it sounds like development is still in the early stages, and Apple might not even be interested...

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