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Jun 19, 2008

STATS: Social Media by Age Groups

From MySpace to Facebook to Flickr to LinkedIn, here’s looking at you

Rapleaf, a company that provides people-focused search services to corporate clients, spends a lot of time mining social networking data. It has just released a survey studying the social networking habits of the 49.3 million people it has information about, divided by age. Sample sites include MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr...

Friendster’s growth in Asia could make it the top social network in the world, once again

In the current international land-grab among leading social networks, Facebook is overtaking MySpace as the largest social network in the world. But there’s a big caveat — Asia — where a much-maligned older rival, Friendster continues to lead Facebook and everyone else by at least a two to one margin. The most recent data: This past April, Friendster clocked 36 million users in Asia, versus a distant second Facebook at 18 million...

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