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Jun 15, 2008

Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Definitions

Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Definitions

This document specifies standard definitions for digital video advertising metrics. While the IAB 2006 Digital Video Ad Measurement Guidelines define how an impression should be recorded in a digital video environment, many publishers and technology vendors are offering supplemental performance metrics to their clients as additional ways of gauging ad effectiveness. This document defines these supplemental metrics in more detail. These definitions are part of a larger IAB effort to stimulate video industry growth by making the reporting of metrics for agencies and advertisers across multiple media partners more consistent. 

This document is one of three documents issued by the IAB that focus on digital video advertising: 

• Digital Video Overview (Platform Status Report) 
• Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines and Best Practices 
• Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Definitions (this document) 

The types of metrics being reported vary depending on the type of video ad formats being used. Consequently, this document and the IAB Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines are organized around the same four ad formats: 

1. Linear Video Ad With or Without Companion Ad 
2. Linear Video Interactive Ad 
3. Non-linear Overlay Ad 
4. Non-linear Non-Overlay Ad 

Common reporting metrics are described for each major ad category found in the In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines document with additional, less common events offered for optional guidance.

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