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Aug 28, 2008

Exploring Internet Explorer 8

Exploring Internet Explorer 8

Posted by Dan Farber

Robert Vamosi and I discuss the new features and browsing capabilities of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 and how it stacks up with other browsers. The new release brings IE up to par with Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and even pushes Microsoft a little ahead of the competition in a few areas.

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Browser Wars: Microsoft Tries To Beat Google (Again) With IE8; Mozilla Extends Google Deal

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It's easy to forget that Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is still a solid leader in at least one key internet category: the browser. By some measures, Internet Explorer still commands about three quarters of the market. So it's no surprise that Microsoft is still trying to use this advantage to make much-needed headway online. A number of folks have looked at the way the latest beta of IE8 will be used as an anti-Google (NSDQ: GOOG) weapon. One aspect of it: a privacy mode that theoretically could prevent Google (or anyone else) from collecting useful information for ad targeting. Fortunealso looks at certain features, such as a more refined, Google-circumventing search bar, and a tool that will auto-link addresses to Microsoft's Live Maps. Of course, there was talk that Microsoft could make headway in the search wars with the launch of IE7, since it included a search bar for the first time. Google even made some ant-trust noises, but their fears seem to have been unfounded. For more, SearchEngineLand takes an in-depth look at how Microsoft is integrating search with the new browser...

Internet Explorer's Extreme Makeover

Microsoft shipped the Beta 2 release of Internet Explorer 8 Wednesday. And, as John Paczkowski reports, it finally puts the browser on par with rivals Firefox and Safari. Plus, Steve Jobs' Mark Twain moment and good news for YouTube. (Aug. 28)

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