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Aug 29, 2008

Social Media Weekend

SpectrumDNA, Inc. Taps Seth Levenson to Lead Product Marketing
MarketWatch - 1 hour ago
http://www.spectrumdna.com, a studio that develops social media applications and enterprises, announced today that it has brought in Seth Levenson to lead ...

Anybody Can Be a Social Media Rock Star
Mashable, CA - 3 hours ago
Is there any hope for someone to succeed in social networking and social media in general if they aren’ta “people person?” It just doesn’t seem likely, ...

How Do You Execute Social Media? Find Out on October 15-16
Mashable, CA - 2 hours ago
The 4th Communitelligence Executing Social Media Conference & Roundtables is a must-attend event for anyone in need of good advice on using the new social ...
Local Shops Have Leg Up on Social Sites
ADOTAS, NY - 6 hours ago
Not only does advertising on social media give local shops the national appeal, it also maximizes ROI while allowing advertisers full control of budget. ...
From College to CRE: Facebook GlobeSt. com
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Social media mobs the national conventions
Los Angeles Times, CA - Aug 26, 2008
Social media like YouTube and Fark.com will afford you no escape, either. Let's look at how Web 2.0 is crashing the parties. Delicious: It's not often that ...
The Nation and the Obama campaign World Socialist Web Site
Hometown Papers Splurge On Convention Coverage Wall Street Journal
Blogging Down the Walls of Politics CMSWire
Huffington Post - Asianjournal.com
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Social media 'ideal for branding'
Digital Response Media, UK - 12 hours ago
Internet marketing executives would be well advised to focus on using social media for branding rather than sales purposes. This is according to British ...
The social media corporate identity crisis
ZDNet Asia, Asia - 22 hours ago
Either way, social media, with its often loose standards regarding user identity, has opened up a Pandora’s Box of opportunities for confusion about who is, ...
Retailers Use Social Media To Spur Back-To-School Sales
InformationWeek, NY - Aug 27, 2008
By KC Jones More retailers are turning to social media to drum up business among back-to-school shoppers, according to recent research. ...

How to Find Statistics on Social Media
Mashable, CA - Aug 28, 2008
Selling management on the value of investing time and resources into building an online community using social media is a challenge, and you need all of the ...
Social Media Group Acquisition Called Off
Washington Post, United States - Aug 27, 2008
A month ago, Livingston Communications, a local PR firm that focuses on social media, announced plans to be acquired by the Social Media Group in Toronto. ...EPA:MLSMG

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