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Aug 26, 2008

Top Blogger's Favourite Web Hosts

Top Blogger's Favourite Web Hosts

This graph shows every web hosting company appearing more than once in the top 100. It excludes sites hosted in-house and Akamai's caching service.

And the Winner Is...

Media Temple and Datagram are twice as popular as any other host on the list, ignoring free blog hosting (eg, BlogSpot) and in-house hosting (eg, AOL's blogs). These two web hosting companies account for 19 of the top 100 blogs between them.

However, six of the Datagram blogs are published by one company (Gawker Media). Ignoring Gawker's multiple votes, one host is clearly far more popular than the rest.

Media Temple hosts over twice as many top blogs as any other web hosting company in the list...

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