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Sep 7, 2008

Wall Street Journal online to relaunch on September 16

Ed: Less global news, more local news, more features -- but online is still a side show following paper. Driven by ad revenues, change at legacy publishers occurs slowly.

Wall Street Journal online to relaunch on September 16

Posted by Katherine Thompson on September 5, 2008 at 1:56 PM
Along with launching a new lifestyle magazine (WSJ.), News International are pushing through a WSJ.com relaunch, which will debut on September 16. 

The International Herald Tribune report, Robert Thomson, managing editor of the Journal, said the new site will sport "lots of wonderful gizmos" and a new design providing easier access to free content.

Thomson went on to say that the Journal will likely introduce additional magazines along with other features to boost its Saturday edition. News International reportedly believes this is an ideal way to reach its readers in a more relaxed environment -- and with it, additional direct-to-consumer advertising to offset reductions in business-to-business placements.

Source: International Herald Tribune

Chicago Tribune redesign

Posted by Katherine Thompson on September 5, 2008 at 12:51 PM
The Chicago Tribune is undergoing a radical overhaul which is scheduled to be launched in a matter of weeks.  Prototypes of the new pages and sections for this redeign were posted in Tribune Tower for review by employees on Thursday. 

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that the space devoted to news in the Chicago Tribune will be significantly reduced, with the paper's front section including national and international news, the local and business reports and the editorial page. The Tribune publishes freestanding sections for metro and business news currently.

The redesigned paper is set to have a three-section format, Tribune employees reported to the local rival newspaper. The newspaper's other sections would be for features, with a working title of Live, and Sports. According to the prototype, the pages for local news will be labeled Chicagoland, a term Tribune editors use to define the city and its suburbs.

The Chicago Tribune, is aiming to launch the revamp by the end of September. 

The New York Observer launches fashion magazine Observer Style

Posted by Alisa Zykova on September 5, 2008 at 11:06 AM

The New York Observer decides to launch a new fashion publication, following in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, which recently launched a magazine supplement. The semiannual Observer Style will be released on November 16 and would focus on the local fashion scene.

"This is our first editorially driven magazine," said Jenna Hollander-Essig, fashion director of the Observer and the Observer Style.

The November edition is expected to have 80 pages, with ads taking up 15 of those. Initially, the title would have 58,000 readers and the "primary editorial competition" would be coming from New York magazine.

Observer Style would be included with subscriber and newsstand issues of the Observer twice per year. Manhattan boutique hotels such as W hotels, the Mercer and 60 Thompson will also carry the magazine.

An online version is scheduled to be launched in November.

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