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Oct 20, 2008

How About That iPhone Bump? Motorola Tries Android

How About That iPhone Bump?

It has been widely reported that iPhone owners use data connections to surf the Internet more often than people whose smartphones have built-in browsers do. Indeed, flat-rate data plans, a bigger screen, a near-desktop quality web browser along with the ability to connect to multiple networks (3G and Wi-Fi) are all contributing to the heavy Internet usage on the part of iPhone owners...

Remotely Control Your iPhone with Veency

If you've taken the plunge and jailbroken your iPhone, you have access to more apps than the average iPhone owner. Popular apps such as Cydia and Installer provide access to numerous other apps that Apple refuses to provide to App Store customers. The only downside is that these apps are exclusively available for jailbroken iPhones, which can be a tedious and confusing process for some and also voids your warranty. Nevertheless, we have one more app recommendation that might be worth jailbreaking your iPhone to get. It's called Veency...

Make Your Own iPhone/Android Apps With New App Generator

Today AppLoop launched a mobile application generator which lets you turn any RSS feed into a mobile application for either iPhone (available today) or Android (coming soon). The company, who also runs the analytics and advertising solution MediaLets, wanted to provide everyone with the tools to make a mobile app, even if they didn't have any programming experience. To do so, they've created their new Mobile Application Generator, a tool which creates a mobile-ready application in less than two minutes.

According to AppLoop, only 3% of developers know how to program Cocoa which limits their ability to enjoy the growth of the iPhone platform. To address this need in the developer community, as well as to provide a tool for non-technical folks, the company decided to launch a mobile application generator. The generator requires no programming experience, software downloads, or code maintenance - the application runs entirely on the web and all the code is maintained for you.

Using the Mobile Application Generator

Using the tool is simple: you just enter in a blog URL or RSS feed in the box provided in order to get started. Next, you enter in the name of your application. There's an option for you to upload your own image to use as the logo which appears on the launch screen. If you choose not to add an image, the AppLoop logo will display the app launches...

Motorola is Really Getting Jazzed About That Android Social Networking Phone

Motorola, which is recruiting as many as 350 people to work on Android phones, is gearing up to make its first one:the Android Social Smart Phone. Last week, Android Guys spotted a job posting for the project, and now BusinessWeek has more details, including a mention of the Motorola job posting pictured at left on Monster looking for an Android application developer. If the people pictured in the ad to represent Motorola employees are any indication, embarrassing dance moves are a plus, but not required.

According to BusinessWeek, Motorola is putting $50 million into its Android project, which is being run by a team from Good Technology, a mobile e-mail company that Motorola bought in 2006. The first phone won’t come out until the second quarter of next year, it will have a touch screen like the iPhone and a slide-out keyboard like the HTC T-Mobile G1 launching on Wednesday, but will look more like the Motorola Krave. It is also expected to be cheaper than the G1’s $180 price.

But how will it tie into existing social networks? Already, the G1 imports your contacts from Gmail into the phone. It wouldn’t be too hard for the Motorola Android to import your friends’ list from Facebook or MySpace directly into the phone’s address book, and let you IM them and see their status updates and activity streams on your phone. Kind of like the Facebook app on the iPhone lets you do already, except that you wouldn’t necessarily need to launch a separate app...

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