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Oct 13, 2008

World Markets Soar, Crisis of Leadership

Ed: Britain does not have a crisis of leadership. Their leaders are still credible.

Buy Low, Sell High - With Bad Economy, Is it Time to Buy?

Savvy investors know to buy low, sell high. Is it the right time to buy?

World Markets Soar

Henry Blodget | October 13, 2008
happy market.jpg
A sampling as of 7:10AM ET:

  • Hong Kong +10%
  • Taiwan +7%
  • FTSE +5%
  • DAX +6%
  • CAC +6%

After the UK bailout, all eyes will be on the credit spreads: LIBOR-OIS and TED.

And all minds will be wondering why the UK got the bailout right on its first try, while the US spent two weeks fighting about a strange trash asset removal plan.

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