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Dec 2, 2008

Journalism Right Brain Blind to Left Brain Attacks

Ed: Right brain efforts to combat left brain problems. 

Opinion: Journalism's problem is a lack of public trust

James O'Shea, ex-editor of the Los Angeles Times, believes that future of newspapers depends on public trust.  He believes that newspapers will continue to exist, but that the real question is "what kind of journalism will we have in the newspapers that manage to survive the current wave of circulation and advertising declines plaguing the industry."

He brings up a recent interview with Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell who believes that "the newspaper industry truly still doesn't understand that it is in a business with customers and the business must reflect the needs and demands of the customer. And to the extent that we don't do that, we will disappear."  O'Shea does not believe in Zell's philosophy because of "how that vision is applied in newsrooms he controls."...

US: Newspaper looks to draw young readers with Facebook page

In an attempt to draw young readers to its website, the Register-Mail has created a page on social networking site Facebook, according to editor Tom Martin.

The page is aimed at some of the audience who do not check the paper's website every day, but may check Facebook multiple times per day.  ...

Opinion: the media's "domino effect" in downsizing

Journalist Michael Smerconish describes the shortage of hard news and investigative journalism as leaving the always-expanding number of news outlets, from 24-hour cable networks and blogs, "scrambling for anything they can parrot to a hungry audience."...

US: Newspapers on YouTube

Mark S. Luckie has graphed an interactive map detailing American newspapers using YouTube and linking to each webpage.

Newspapers with YouTube pages range from Hawaii's Honolulu Advertiser to Illinois' Chicago Tribune to the Washington Post, and include papers in 41 states.

The pages include news videos and other online features for subscribers and vistors.

Blogger Andy Dickinson has uploaded a similar map of newspapers in the United Kingdom. ..

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