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Dec 4, 2008

Updates on Google FriendConnect

The New Economics of Advertising has joined the Google FriendConnect network. Look for the new widget on the left sidebar, sign-in using Google, and share with your friends. 

Join the new social network without walls.

  • The install is simple but confusing for blogger or blogspot. Other platforms may experience significant technical difficulties.
  • Performance seems fast, compared to the private release.
  • Visitors sign-in using their Google or Orkut account. No support yet for Yahoo, Myspace, or Facebook id.
  • Your friend list is maintained by Google. If you have gMail, that list of email addresses is easily accessible. I exported from Yahoo and imported into gMail to maintain a back-up list of email addresses. Yahoo remains my primary email account. 
  • The FriendConnect becomes a social way to invite friends to join. It's still spam, but more socially acceptable as Google spam. ;^)
  • You can create a Google profile that contains links to your websites. The profile automatically lists all your FriendConnect memberships.
  • The site administrator sees names with options to befriend and block - no access to member email addresses. 
  • Thus, personal privacy depends 100% on Google. 
Any other observations on FriendFeed?

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