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Mar 18, 2008

NEWS: 35 Lifestreaming Applications

Ed: Why do we need 35???

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / January 21, 2008
If you could capture and use the names, ages, genders and demonstrated interests of the specific people who visited your website - would you? A whole lot of people providing services online would. While we've covered the movement for standards-based Data Portability a lot here lately, the newly announced MyBlogLog API is an alternative path to similar ends being taken by a proprietary company. Announced last week just before the Yahoo! OpenID announcement, the MyBlogLog API could end up being of even greater importance. Really.
35 Lifestreaming Apps

See the ReadWriteWeb primer on lifestreaming from January and our list of 35 lifestreaming apps from last month.


Below are screen shots of my Lifestream at various online services. I thought
this would be helpful to get a snapshot at the different formats each of these
sites offer to help people decide which ones might be right for them.

FriendFeed gets interesting
Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Dave Winer

After opening to the public a week ago, a lot more people are showing up on FriendFeed, and it's got features the others don't have. The others? Yeah -- it's competitive with things like: Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku and Pownce. And it's simple and minimalist like Twitter, yet it fully embraces everything else out there that has a feed. Can you post to FF? Yes, and you won't see those posts on Twitter. Not sure about the other places. http://friendfeed.com/davew

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