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Mar 18, 2008

NEWS: Facebook adds granular privacy controls

clipped from: blogs.zdnet.com

Lookout LinkedIn, Facebook adds granular privacy controls (IM to follow)

Posted by Steve O'Hear @ 1:43 pm

At a press event today (Techmeme), Facebook unveiled new privacy controls for the so-called social utility, along with an official Instant Messaging application.

The improved privacy settings enable users to have much greater control over who in their social network can view specific content. One group of “friends” can be given access to certain content, a photo gallery for example, while another group will be restricted. Another setting allows more granular control, whereby profile information is visible to second and third-degree contacts rather than the site’s members as a whole (reports news.com), not dissimilar to the way in which LinkedIn or Multiply works.

Toward a universal identity on the Web clipped from: www.mercurynews.com

The fast-growing social-networking site unveiled new privacy features this week that allow users to group their Facebook "friends" into different categories, such as family or business associates. Users can then give each group a different level of access to photos, videos, phone numbers or the "news feed" that details their latest activities on Facebook and its partner Web sites.
Ed: Privacy settings updated to allow friends of friends to see your profile.

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