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Mar 24, 2008

NEWS: Facebook ad network Lookery hits its billion-impression target

clipped from: venturebeat.com

Lookery, a company that sells advertising on Facebook, and more recently also other social networks, and other web sites, has been scraping the bottom of the social network advertising barrel, and growing fast. Starting at the end of January, it began guaranteeing Facebook applications and more recently any other web site or widget a cool $0.125 per thousand ad impressions for any traditional banner ad it ran — a trivial amount for so-called cost-per-mille (CPM) ads.

The plan is ahead of schedule. The company has gone from less than 200 million impressions in January to 640 million impressions in February, and last night, it hit the one billion impression mark (and there’s still a third of March left).

Of course, the arithmetic says that at a twelve and a half cent CPM, the company is making (a minimum of) $125,000 total for its partners — the company offers higher CPMs on some applications, and it neither discloses its total revenue figures nor how much it is making from its ads.

Ed: $3.0 million burn rate; Facebook apps gain $0.125 per thousand; and will abandon ship if they can make $0.10 more per thousand. Another iWon from year 2000?

On the Net, 162M Web Sites and Counting
The folks at Pingdom have come up with a graph that shows the growth in the number of web sites over the years. While it is an interesting graph, I would like to point out that it’s an informal data set. Enjoy!

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