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Mar 27, 2008

NEWS: Social Site’s New Friends Are Athletes

Social Site’s New Friends Are Athletes

Photos and videos showing blue-chip athletes like Mr. Parker, LeBron JamesDerek Jeter and Peyton Manningwill be part of a new venture that C.A.A. and Pequot along with the Internet arm of Major League Baseball are expected to announce today.

The venture, WePlay.com, a social networking site for youth sports — something like Facebook for young athletes — is expected to start in mid-April. The site caters to youth athletes, parents and coaches — a vast audience. About 52 million children a year participate in organized sports leagues, according to the National Council of Youth Sports.

Ed: Passionate fans, but tough to execute with low tech coaches pushing the process. Of 300 local AYSO coaches, only 3 are using Facebook.

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