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May 5, 2008

NEWS: AdSense and Feedburner Ads a Step Closer to Launch? Much ado about nothing

AdSense and Feedburner Ads a Step Closer to Launch? First Ads Seen in the Wild

It looks like the integration of AdSense ads into Feeburner feeds is a step closer with reports surfacing that AdSense ads have been seen on RSS feeds that look like this.


This ad was seen on the feed of Inhabitat (found via Digital Inspiration). The images are served as image maps not JavaScript.

Here’s hoping that this will perform better than the previous AdSense for RSS program that has been in beta for a couple of years now!

Poll: Can A Competitor Hurt Your Google Rankings with Links?

Forums have been buzzing and buzzing about the possibility of a competitor being able to hurt your Google ranking for the past few years now. We have covered this topic time and time again, just see here for some of...

Google Finally Begins Enforcing The Display URL Policy

Since early February we were warning Google AdWords advertisers that Google would be enforcing the display URL policy, where the display URL must match the destination URL. The policy enforcement was suppose to begin on April 1st. On April 10th,...

Google AdWords Displays Ad Scores: Pscore, mCPC & thresh

A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around one advertiser noticing Google displaying three scores directly under a Google Netherlands ad. Here is a picture of the ad with the scores underneath the ad: So I began to do some research and...

Google Updates Toolbar PageRank: April 2008

I am seeing reports from across the SEO forums that Google has updated or begun the update of the PageRank score found within the Google Toolbar. We have threads at DigitalPoint Forums, Search Engine Roundtable Forums, WebmasterWorld and Search Engine...
Ed: For the Long Tail, "much ado about nothing."

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