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Sep 22, 2008

Exitmercials Deliver the Best Value for Advertisers

tEarn exitmercials deliver the best value for advertisers. The unique combination of advertising format, qualified delivery, and pricing provides advertisers the best opportunity to realize ROI's that finally break the single digit returns of TV, magazine, newspaper, direct mail, banner, or CPC ads.

How does it work?

What is an Exitmercial?

An exitmercial binds an exit link of a website with a full page ad. Socially, it binds the conversation between two related publishers. Let's look at the format, delivery, and pricing.
Full Page Format (adpack demo
  • Each ad dominates the page. The ad is the primary content, thus it controls the sole focus of the reader.
  • The content can be the advertiser's website, webpage, video, flash, or fanfold image. There is no limit on the duration and interactivity of the ad, enabling creative talents the unprecendented freedom to captivate and engage.
Targeted Delivery
  • Unlike CPC and banner ads embedded on the page, exitmercials deliver only to qualified readers. Exitmercials gain 100% of the qualified readers - those who are engaged with the content and demonstrate their interest by clicking on relevant links on the page. 
  • Embedded ads target stray visitors. Exitmercials target core visitors.
Savings from CPV
  • Exitmercials optimize CPV (Cost per View). Unlike TV, magazine, newspaper, direct mail, and banner ads where advertisers estimate actual views, tEarn exitmercials charge only when an ad is delivered. Remember, each delivery is the exclusive elment on the ad page. 
  • Advertisers don't need to waste time writing copy to trick unqualified visitors to click. Buy 100% view, again providing the creative folks the opportunity to engage. 
Exitmercials deliver the best format, delivery, and price. Let's explore the details.

Understanding Advertising Basics

The easiest way to understand advertising is to revisit mailers. 
  1. The advertiser buys a list of addresses. Targeted lists cost more. Untargeted, like junk email lists, cost less.
  2. The advertiser prepares a flyer or mailer. The mailer could include a DVD disk with video or interactive content.
  3. The cost is $1.00 or higher per delivery - $0.35 or more just for the postage.
Did the target open the envelope? Look at the contents? 
  • If 50% engaged for 5 seconds or more, the CPV (Cost per View) is $2.00. 
  • If 10% spent more than 30 seconds with your mailer, the CPV for that qualified group is $10.00.
High ROI on advertising has been expensive.

When one analyzes TV, magazine, newspaper, or embedded online ads - the advertising process is the same. Low view rates (i.e. actual views) again inflate realized CPV, raise the cost of advertising, and lower ROI.

How Exitmercials Impact ROI?

With exitmercials, how does this change?
  • CPV: An advertise pays only when an ad is viewed, not just delivered. An advertiser decides a budget. This can be as little as $20 for a test campaign - or as large as a million dollar campaign. 
  • The advertiser chooses a CPV. This value depends on the advertiser, their product or service, the value of a qualified customer, and alternative means to gain the same customer. The latter has been discussed above.
  • Target a Microchannel. The advertiser selects a microchannel. Each microchannel aggregates the qualified publishers and the visitors among those publishers. It's a single buy for a microchannel - instead of multiple buys with each publisher.
  • Higher CPV's ads on a microchannel have the best chance to be viewed first.
  • Focus on the Message. Since every view is a qualified view, the advertiser and their creative consultants focus entirely on the message. Who are the customers? What do they want? What does the advertiser offer? How do we engage them? Spend energy answering core questions.
  • Test, Test, Test. The tEarn control panel allows advertisers to easily test multiple messages that target microchannels. Thus, the focus becomes exclusively optimizing ROI.
With the best format, delivery, and pricing - exitmercials provide the unique opportunity for advertisers to target double-digit ROI's. When the focus is on the results, the returns improve many folds. 


Rich media, qualified targeting, and CPV pricing, exitmercials change the format, delivery, and pricing of advertising. It's a game changer - for the benefit of advertisers.

Get your creative juices brewing. (PowerPoint on Google Docs)


  1. I think this is an interesting niche application. If I understand correctly, the ad is only displayed once a user logs out. As an anology, I use yahoo email. When I click log out, I get a log out confirmation page. Yahoo doesn't really use it for advertising. I am wondering if that is because they over look it OR does it mean that people pay little or no attention to the space because they are going to close their browser window. It would be an interesting experiment to add a media rich ad.

  2. @Seth, thanks for the comment.

    The problem is that ads are lost on an embedded page. They neither serve the ignored advertiser nor the publisher with a cluttered page. This includes the exit from Yahoo email.


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